July 17,18 2010

 Highway 1

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John G's Ride report.

We met up at the I-Hop in Santa Clarita. We started out with 8 bikes. Big Red came out to show off his red (of course) Norge and ride a few miles with us. Greg came out as well to visit and ride out to the coast. By the time we left Bulton we were down to eight riders on six bikes. The coast ride is always a beautiful ride. Temps were between 62 and 72 degrees. There was just enough fog to keep the temps down but not enough to hamper the views. Lunch was in Cambria. We made a short stop just north of San Simion to visit the elephant seals. We spent the night at Motel 6 in Gilroy. In the morning Elmer & Nancy went their own way and Scott & Patti headed for home. Dave, leading, Wayne, Carl and myself took Hwy 9 toward Moss Landing. Hwy 9 was a beautiful road. It was like riding through the redwoods only the trees weren't as big and the curves more plentiful. We arrived at Moss Landing for a tour of "OCEAN GYPSY" Carl's fishing boat. Very interesting tour, thank you Carl. (Did I mention that he tried to blow us up?) Carl stayed with the boat, Dave and Wayne went their own way and I headed back south down Hwy 1, leaving about noon. The ride south was just as pretty as when going north. Traffic from Santa Barbra all the way through Woodland Hills was horrible with a lot of stop and go. I got home about 9:30. Great weekend! Thank you to my friends that made it great and to my wife for letting me go.

Thanks for the great report John.


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