Saturday August 19,2006

for the Midway buzz

Well everyone we had a great ride. 24 Bikes and around 30 people. The Midway is a very interesting place and I recommend it to anyone wanting to see a bit of history. When we arrived at the parking lot we found out Phil has a flat tire. We toured the Midway for couple of hours and Phil and I went down to see about his flat. He has a small cut or slice in the tread so we tried to plug it with some of those string plugs. Well it wasn't holding and Phil tried to find a place to get it fixed or a new tire while we went and ate at the Sizzler. We caught up with Phil at a Shell station and he was still trying to fix the flat when we arrived. Once again we tried 3 string at once to fill the hole. It seem to holding and off we went. About 5 miles down the 15 fwy he said it was going flat again and pulled off the fwy. I was to far ahead to pull over and asked John Gera if I needed to turn around. He said that they could handle it and to go ahead. So as of this report I still don't know what they did. I hate to leave anyone but I new John would make sure Phil would be ok. By the way John was riding Vicky on the back of his bike just in case.

I just want to think everyone for the great turn out and hope to see you all on the 3rd for the VMC open house. Thanks to Joe for a job well done these last 2 years.


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