August 23, 2008

 Ride to Big Bear To Try and Stay Cool!

Ride Report& 


Great day today,28 people showed up to share a wonderful day of riding.

I really didn't have any route planned for this ride but fortunately Gerry from Arrowhead came with us today and did a great job showing us the way around. He took us on roads I have never been on before which is the way I like it. I love exploring new roads. A big Thank you to Gerry for leading the way.

It was quite a crowd meeting at Chaparral this morning. 18 bikes and riders all showed up on time and ready to ride. The weather couldn't have been better. By the time it was starting to get hot we were all ready up in the mountains. Gerry took us around Lake Gregory and Arrowhead. With a nice stop over looking Arrowhead. Then a quick potty break in the Village and we were on our way again. From there we made our way to Big Bear with a nice cruise around the lake.

We arrived at Sizzler right on time and they took care to seat us all together as much as possible. Donna did a nice job making all the women welcome and gave away some very nice prizes just for the ladies. None of the ladies went home empty handed. A big Thank you to Donna for making it nice for them. After Donna gave away her prizes we started on the 50/50 prizes and raffle. Our friends from Brazil, Dolor and Angela donated three shirts that his company makes. I also gave away a knife, clock, sign and pant clips. The big 50/50 winner was Shelly and Dennis. It was there first ride with us and I'm sure they had a good time. They brought their friends Doug and Lori on their 92 Goldwing. It was nice to have them along. Also new for the club were Luis on his beautiful Rune and Tam on his custom standard. Also it was great to see Vicki and Phil riding again. It had been about a year since we saw Vicki. Phil invited his friend Mike to join us as well.

After Lunch we all made our way home I didn't get home until almost 7:00.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and hope to see you all on the next ride. It will be to the San Diego Moto Expo and the Del Mar fair grounds on September 27th.

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