August 27, 2011

 Ride to Big Bear To Try and Stay Cool!

Ride Report& 

Paxton's Pictures.

6 bikes and 7 bodies made it to Chaparral for a nice ride up the mountains today. Nice 80 miles with one stop at Lake Arrowhead for a break. When we got in to Big Bear it started to sprinkle a little bit on us. As we were eating lunch the sky opened up and it really came down. Hail, rain, thunder and lightning. I don't remember the last time I saw it rain so hard. We waited about a hour and a half for it to blow through. Joe and his grandson Austin left a little earlier than us in the rain. He made a make shift rain jacket out of a trash bag for him. It actually got down to 60 degrees for a while when we left. By the time I got home it was 114 on the freeway and 105 in the shade in my back yard. Met a new rider today as well. Rich came down from Apple valley on his 99 standard and Paxton joined us from Glendale. Some of us met him on the Coast ride. Good to see him again. John left us and went to his cabin in Big Bear for the night. Jimmy I think had the hottest ride home to Salton City.

Good ride everyone and thanks for coming out in the heat.




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