September 18, 2004

Pictures, Pictures
Help the SoCal Valkyrie Riders untangle the

Angeles Crest Highway

Our buddy, colleague, & host
Professor BigMac

(He's the tall one with the black lab coat)

thinks he has scientifically figured out how to untangle the
Angeles Crest Highway!

anglescrest53-5.jpg (39135 bytes)

Through his scientific ciphering, and the theory he
developed from watching Back to the Future,
he figures it'll take about 30 Valkyries to do it!

" I figure that 30 valks all resonating together with that 6-cylinder sound, and light being reflected and bent by highly-polished chrome-ium, some interesting affects should occur! With the speed of light & sound being constant, and a sunspot at that particular time, and using the theory of Applied Valkytivity,  we shall make motorcycle history "

Of course, all this ciphering stuff is going to make me hungry.
So Professor BigMac said he'd plan a lunch for us during the experimental ride.

(Lab coats not furnished)

 So join us for a ride on the
Angeles Crest Highway
to make history in the science of
Angeles Crest Highway

I want details!

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Who's going?

Haven't been on a group ride in awhile (or before), then check this out and become more
 comfortable riding with your Bros.  Been doin this for years and think you have it down 
pat, then check this out to make sure we got it right....

We depend on You!

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