September 26, 2009

 Ridin the Ridge

Ride Report& 


 Well last time it rainy, this time it was hot,

11 bikes and total with picking up a few along the way and losing one. After breakfast we headed out to the mountains and a little cooler temps. Traffic was light and the sky was clear. Beautiful views of the hills and valley along our route.  Our first stop was in Anza to meet with Stan and Rob and a short break.  Mike left us at the time and headed back down into the heat. It got a little warmer the lower we got. When we meet Lou at Dudley's it was around 100 degrees. We all got something to drink and after about 40 minutes we loaded up for the ride to Sunrise Highway. It was much cooler up there. Around 80 and very clear, you could see very far down the Imperial valley. But as soon as we started toward the 8 freeway the temps climbed again. With quick stop in Campo for gas it was just a short ride to Barrett Junction.

Looks like the heat kept people away because Barrett Junction was pretty much empty. We all had our fill for lunch and left around 3:00. The heat didn't seem to bad for me after lunch, maybe because I need the break.

Thanks to all the braved the heat and we'll see you hopefully on the next  ride.

Thanks to Rob and Steph for the great pictures.



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