2002 BASH II
Party in Prescott
Blower Installation &
Tech Session Sign Up
(You Made the Right Choise - Avoid that Pesky Purchase Price)

 9/26 - 9/27 - 9/28 

My Name
My Friend Wants One Too

Here's What I'm Planning on Doing:

I'll Bring My Own Tools (or)
I'll Need to Borrow Some of Your Tools
Lamont - You're a Prince 

The  Tech Sessions I Would Like to Attend are:

Carb Sync
I Need a Tattoo
Valve Adjustment
Brake / Clutch Bleeding

Basic Maintenance Session
Neutral Safety Switch Fix
Starter Switch Maintenance
Air Filter Change / Tank Removal
Oil Change / Final Drive Oil Change

I Need Some Help Figuring Our How To

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