October 20,21 2007

Death Valley

Ride report

Well we had a wild weekend for this ride. Quite a windy ride but nothing we couldn't handle. It started out as usual with 8 bikes leaving the Chevron station on time and heading to Kramer Junction to meet up with 4 more. Brice came from Northern California and brought a friend with him. ( I'm sorry I don't remember his name). Scott and Sue Wade met us also and they came in from Barstow. They are just finishing a 12 day trip on their duel sports. From that point we rode and stopped at Pearsonville where Bob and Faith were waiting for us. It was very windy on 395 passing by Ridgecrest which kept us on our toes. We took a long break and since we were ahead of schedule we made a stop at Manzanar internment camp off 395. It was really windy there but once we got back on the road it didn't seem so bad. Rob, Daryl, Greg, Randy and Karen were waiting for us at the Country Kitchen where we had lunch. We decided to not stop at the Pine as it was cold and windy so it was on to Beatty. We got a little crazy on the way. There were a few nice straight roads and I thought I would open the old valk up. At one point I got it to 125 mph with a gps reading of 116 mph. Tom and Ron from Phoenix  were right behind be with Rob, Greg and Ed following close. We really ate up some gas on that run. Some of the bikes with smaller tanks took a brief detour north to get gas before heading to Beatty. It worked out well getting into Beatty early. It gave us time to rest up for dinner. Dinner was good and Brice was the big 50/50 winner with a $95.00 pot for him. We drew another ticket and the winner was Greg and Dawn. The prize was dinner on the So. Cal VRCC.

It was a windy nite and after breakfast some of the group headed west and I went south through the Valley to Baker for lunch. Brice, Scott and Sue left early. They had a long way to go and wanted to get an early start. Tom and Ron left just before we did toward Phoenix. Rod and Melissa came up from Vegas and rode with us through Death Valley. Happy 13th birthday to Melissa and a Happy birthday to Faith as well.

It was great to have Ron and Tom come all the way from Arizona  to join us and I hope we will  see them again. Also it was nice to see Brice, Scott and Sue again. We are talking about planning another Yosemite ride next year. Dave and Ailing  from San Francisco joined us on a rented Goldwing . It was great to meet you both.

Well that's about it. Hope to see you on the next ride. It will on November 17th.             

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