October 17 18 & 19, 2008

 Ride to Utah

Ride Report& 


Well it was a great weekend of riding. Many thanks to Wayne for setting it up and doing the leg work.

The ride started out with 10 bikes and one Corvette from the Chevron station on time. We meet up with Bob and Faith just passed Barstow. From there we stopped at Baker for gas and a break. The weather couldn't have been better, cool starting out but warmed up nicely. After out break we took off for Vegas and meet up with Wayne, Rob and Daryl for lunch. It seems we always have bad luck with service so it took a while to get our meals. I guess it's to be expected with a large group. The traffic was bad going through Vegas due to an accident. That's really the only time it really got hot since we were not moving fast enough to keep us cool. We arrived in Hurricane around 3:30 and checked in. The motel was very accommodating and kept us all together. Ron and Rick from Arizona came in later and joined us for the weekend. It was great to see Ron again and to make the long ride to meet up with us. We had dinner at J&B's restaurant which is much like a Denny's.

Saturday morning we left for our ride through Utah. BigLou and Rose joined us in their car. They had come upon Monday and stayed in Brian Head. Rich and Judy came up with us in their Corvette. Our first stop was at the Zion visitors center. Some of us took the tram into the canyon while others just hung out around the visitors center. After a couple of hours we got back on the bikes and headed to the Buffalo Grill for lunch. Most of us had the Buffalo burger which were very good. There we did our 50/50 and I was the big winner this time. We also gave away some shirts that Dolor gave me and a knife. After lunch we left for Cedar Breaks. It must have been my lucky day because I got pulled over for crossing a double yellow line while passing a slow car and trailer. There was a truck coming the other way and it happened to be a County Sheriff. He made a quick uturn and came after me. Boy was he mad, but I was able to kiss his a$$ and he let me off. Cedar Breaks was really something. It got quite cold though. I believe it got down to around 48 degrees. It was started to get late so we took off and made out way back to Hurricane. It was just before dark when I pulled in so it worked out well. At the motel there was group from the Netherlands on a motorcycle tour. They were having a BBQ but wouldn't you know it they didn't invite us to join them.

Sunday morning we left around 9:00 am mountain time for the ride back to SoCal. One stop for gas in Vegas and a stop for lunch in Baker. The traffic wasn't bad on the 15 so we made good time.


See you on the next ride.




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