October  19,20,21 2013

 Ride to Utah

Ride Report& 


Well I don't think we could have asked for a more beautiful weekend.

John, Elmer and I met up at the usual meeting place at the Chevron Station

on the 15 fwy.  8:00am was the blast off time as we headed toward Las Vegas.

We stopped in Baker for a splash of gas and took a break for a while. The

weather was a bit chilly but it didn't bother us a bit. It was so clear it seemed like

we could see for ever. We made it to the Iron Skillet around 11:30 and it wasn't long

before Rob, Daryl, Wayne, George, Helen, and Greg arrived. After all the hugs and greetings

we all went in for lunch. Our new friends Rob Tice and his wife Brenda arrived a little late as

they took a little tour of  the Valley of Fire. After lunch it was time to hit the road again for

Hurricane Utah. Elmer had a prior commitment so he couldn't continue with us. It was great

to have him join us for the ride out to Vegas and join us for lunch.

 We made good time as the roads were clear and the weather continued to be

perfect. We checked into our rooms and visited for a while before having a bit to eat across

the street.

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful crisp clear day. With kickstands up a 9:00am it was

off to Zion and Bryce Canyon. We decided to not take the shuttle thru Zion canyon as we all

wanted to ride. Ride thru Zion and you see some of the most breath taking views in the U.S.

Right along the road was a small herd of long horned sheep. It was neat to see them grazing

and are beautiful animals. Bryce Canyon was our next stop. We stopped for gas at the entrance

and asked a local the best way to see the park. He suggested we ride to the end of the park

and work our way back. It was good advice and worked out well for us and we stopped at 3

scenic views on our way back out of the park. It would have taken too much time to stop at

every view but I think we were all satisfied with the beautiful views. It was getting late in the

afternoon and Helen as well as the rest of us were getting very hungry so we stopped for

lunch at Ruby's Inn. They had a very nice buffet and as usual I ate too much and that made

 the ride back a bit uncomfortable for me. So much so I asked John to lead us back to the Motel.

We got back around dusk and sat around and visited in the patio area of the motel for a bit.

Everyone but myself went across the street to get some coffee as I was still dealing with

my still full tummy.

I just want to say that is was great to see my old friends and make new ones on this

wonderful weekend and ride. I hope in the coming year more of you will join us as we

get some wind on our great Valkyries, or for that matter anything you might want to

ride. Just as long as you ride is great with me.          


See you on the next ride.




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