Here's Some of What's Required

Either You Or Your Bike Has To Be In Good Shape
(Your Choice)

You Are Responsible For Your Documentation

Your Tires May Be No More Than Half  Worn

You Need To Have Your Head Examined

You Must Fill Out And Bring This Form

You'd Better Have A Towing Service

You'd Better Have A Flat Tire Kit

You Need A Note From Mama
(Yours - Not Ours)

You Must Read the Rules
(Saddle Sore 1000)

Bring Your Cell Phone 


The Ride Will Be An Overnighter.   The Destination is the
Ramada Express
(Make Your Own Reservations)


10 Rooms Have Been Reserved Under "Contract # 7887 VRCC Group".
If We take 10 or More Rooms, we may be able to talk them into a rate of
 $54 (+ 9% tax) & includes a Fun Book.
If We take 9 or Fewer Rooms, the rate is $65-$75 (depending upon availability) +9% tax.  


We Ride to Laughlin on Nov 2 & Return Home Nov 3

Here are the Routes

 Route #1  -  The Low Road 
This Ride Begins at 0500 in Carlsbad at the Chevron
 station, 1044 Carlsbad Village Dr,  at Carlsbad Village Dr exit off  I-5
You must have Ridden & Documented 60 Miles When You Reach Carlsbad 
carlsbad.gif (11193 bytes)

 Route #2   -  The High Road 
This Ride Begins at 0500 in
 Mojave at the UnoCal station at 15764 Sierra Highway near the junction of the 58 & 14.
You must have Ridden & Documented 90 Miles When You Reach Mojave

 Route #3  -  Middle Earth 
This Ride Begins at 0500 in Victorville at the Shell Station
15483 Palmdale Rd.  Next to Coco's-which
won't be open.  See The Map.
You must have Ridden & Documented 95 Miles When You Reach Victorville


Something to Think About

This is a SoCal Valkyrie Riders - Arizona Valkyrie Riders Group Ride, and although we may start out in three or four groups, very likely, we will end the ride singly or in smaller groups.  Each rider must ride his or her own ride.  Decisions about gas stops, naps, meal breaks, comfort stops, rest stops, inclement weather, mechanical breakdown, rider fatigue, speed and  sore butts will play a part in how far you ride and how much distance you cover for a given period of time (and will vary rider to rider).  No one should feel that they have to keep riding, have to keep up, or have to stop (when they don't want to).  We'll all meet up in Laughlin to tell our tales.  We plan on embellishing ours & we recommend you do the same!
Here are some
Long Distance Riding Tips to help you decide what's best for you.


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