Join Karen & oZ and Lynn & Mark in Laughlin on Saturday.

The "Long Way" Riders will be arriving in Laughlin
from 7:30pm - 10:30pm.

The Infinitely Smarter  Riders will be Heading Out Mid-Day
Saturday to Meet the Long Way Riders who clearly
have "More Time Than Brains"

The Ride Will Be An Overnighter.   The Destination is the
Ramada Express
(Make Your Own Reservations)


 Be There To Greet the Butt Heads Saturday Evening &
 Have Breakfast with the Iron Boys & Girls
 Sunday Morning

 Join everyone for The 
 Victory Breakfast-Trophy Ceremony 
 & Tall Tales of Daring-Do 
 Sunday Morning, 1030AM, at The Round house Buffet, Ramada Inn

 Let The Iron Butt Boys & Girls Know You're Joining Them At The 
 Victory Breakfast.  Sign Up Here! 

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