November 12, 2005
London Bridges
Here We Come!


Join us as we head to
Lake Havasu to figure out
why that darn London bridge is even there!

Can you believe someone tore that stupid bridge apart
brick by brick in London and then brought each brick over to a small
town in Arizona and set it up again.
And people came to see it!


Lake Havasu
and the
London Bridge


Click picture for map & directions to Lake Havasu

I'll bet if it wasn't for that great
English Village

near the Bridge
that serves the bangers and mash
nobody would even come.

(Special Tours will be held by The NautiBrit)

While we're having lunch at the bridge we'll figure out
how we're going to buy the Leaning Tower of Pisa (before it falls down)
and bring it to some small town in California and cash in on it!
(we'll just have to figure out what kind of food to sell there!)

Then we'll spend Saturday night in Kingman Arizona
swapping stories!
Make you reservations now

First Value Inn
3270 E. Andy Devine Ave.
Kingman, Arizona  86401


36.79 Single
41.79 Double

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