November 17, 2007

 Ride to San Diego County. 


Ride Report

   Perfect weather today and I must say perfect ride as well. 9 bikes and 11 people joined me for a wonderful ride through the desert and into the country side of San Diego County.

   Our first stop was in Borrego Springs for a touch of gas and a short break. The temp was a nice 82 degrees with a light breeze. Sixshuter suggested taking a slightly different route which was real nice. Got us off the hwy and on to a nice country road for a few miles. With another stop in Julian some of us got ice cream  or a drink. Lots of people milling about today but no problems with traffic at all. I brought my friend Jim along and he suggested some roads to take that I have never been on before. They were great country roads with no traffic and went through some beautiful country. I know Mike had fun on his sport bike. He went on ahead and had to wait for us to catch up. Boy that bike is fast! We made it to the Roadhouse at 2:00 and we were all very hungry so it was just in time. Janice and Terry meet us there and it was great to see them again. Terry is doing well and is as jolly as ever. We has an additional  surprise as well. Dutch's sister Barbara came up from San Diego on her Yamaha and joined us for lunch. Dutch was also the big 50/50 winner today and Scott and Susan won the free lunch.

That's all for now. Hope to see you on the next ride on December 15 &16. This is going to be a great ride to Mitchell Caverns with a stay in Laughlin. Come on out and join us.



 Laughlin via Mitchell Caverns


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