November 13, 2010

SoCal VRCC's

 Ride on the Pines to Palms Hwy. 

Ride Report

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   It was a clear day on this Saturday for a ride. It was a nice surprise to see so many attend. 14 bikes 20 bodies made the journey over the nice roads around Temecula wine country. It all started well until I took a wrong turn onto Sage road. I don't know what I was thinking. The GPS tells me left and like a dummy I go right. It was all good roads though so it still made for a good ride. We stopped at the view point overlooking the Coachella Valley for a short break before heading down to lunch.

  Buz came out on the Harley Trike and got the pleasure to have Steph and Jenny go for a ride with him for a bit. Who would know that that trike is such a chic magnet. I think Buz will start keeping a spare helmet with him from now on. (LOL) 

    Rick made the arrangements for lunch at CJ's diner. The food was very good and they took good care of us. John G was the big 50/50 winner. I think it was Jenny's good luck that helped him out on this one.

   Thanks to everyone who attended for the great turnout and support. I mentioned at the lunch that I need your help for ride ideas. I know we've been pretty much everywhere in So. Cal. so please send me anything you can think of. Also any help with setting up lunch locations as Rick did would mean allot.

  Bike show coming up in December so make your plans to join us. If you can't make the show you could still join us for lunch.     


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