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Pre-orders will close on 11/25/02
The new SoCal Logo is now available on T-shirts, Henleys and Long Sleeved Ts. We need to have a minimum order of 50 shirts in order for Mark to break even on the art work.  Combined colors and styles are OK. We plan on having these available in time for the 12/7 Ride to Long Beach, so you can pick yours up then.  Or if you prefer Mark can direct ship to you for an additional $4.00. Pre-orders will close on 11/25/02.

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 The Advance Ticket Purchase Window Closes on 12/01/02


Haven't been on a group ride in awhile (or before), then check this out and become more
 comfortable riding with your Bros.  Been doin this for years and think you have it down 
pat, then check this out to make sure we got it right....

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