December 15&16, 2007

 Ride to Laughlin and Mitchell Caverns 


 Dave's Pictures

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Ride Report

  Well it was a little chilly but a great ride none the less. 15 bikes 19 people shrived  there way to Laughlin. We got away a little late but made up time quickly. First stop was a Ludlow for gas and to meet up with Wayne a Jim from Vegas. Then it was on to Mitchell Caverns. We arrived about 20 minutes early which worked out great. Gave us time to unload and pay for the tour. Our tour guide was named Darrell and he was very informative and gave us a lot of information about the Caverns. It was allot of walking  but even I made it ok. I'm paying for it now but it was worth it. The tour took about an hour and a half. After a bit of a break from the tour we loaded up and headed to Laughlin. We made a quick stop at Goffs so some of the smaller tanks could get a splash of gas.

    We made it to Laughlin and were turning into the hotel when one of our members got into a little accident. Darkwing was making a left turn on a yellow light and a red car tried to make it through. She hit the brakes and stopped just as she hit Dave and knocked him over. Dave was not hurt and his bike suffered little damage. The car actually suffered more damage than the bike. We were all relieved to see that Dave was not hurt. Just another reminder to be careful out there.

    We had dinner at the Boiler Room and I'm sure no one left hungry. We has the 50/50 drawing and gave away some extra prizes which was fun. Faith won the big 50/50 pot. Thanks to Big Lou for donating the toy motorcycles for the drawings.

    Sunday some of us split up and made our way home. I left at 9:00am with a few of us and another group left later..

    Thanks for the great turnout and we'll see you on the next one which will be on January 19th to Kernville for lunch.

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