December 5, 2009

SoCal VRCC's

 Second Annual Tech Day. 


Ride Report

 Well a big thank you to Mike for opening up his shop to us for Tech Day.

Mike and I were there early to set things up and we had everything together by 9:00am. Mike had a coffee maker (thank you Katie) and donuts ready to go. Slowly people started to arrive and the socializing began. The weather was good to us and no rain to ruin our day.

When most of the riders arrive we decided to go ahead and do the 50/50 before some of them had to leave. We gave away oil filters, spark plugs, air cleaner and flashlights. Mike won the bike cover and I won the 50/50 money.

 We started talking about general maintenance around 12:00 while waiting for the pizza's to come. When they arrived we took a break to eat lunch and visit some more. We then finished with our talk and answered any questions we could. I think some of us learned a great deal about Valks and in general had a great time. We went through all the donuts and pizza's and of course my famous pink salad. I want to thank Faith for baking the great oatmeal cookies, fudge and cake. If anyone left hungry it was there own falt.

Although it wasn't much of a ride ( I didn't ride my bike at all)  it was great fun and I hope everyone had a good time. We meet some new members as well. Robert, Rebecca and John we hope to see you again in the future.



See you all next year!



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