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There was talk on the boards about how some folks might be making money at the Zanesville Ride-In.  Well - we hope all the vendors made a fortune (that way they will want to come back)!

 We hope Hal and Mark do even better at the Bakersfield Bash than they did in Zanesville. 

But...Understand...the VRCC didn't make DIME ONE at Zanesville on registration.  

Want to know how WE'RE doin it this time  -  read on.... 

  1. The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club (VRCC) will sponsor the BAKERSFIELD BASH.
    1.  Mark at CAT Specialties will have their event vendor displays at the rally.
    2. The VRCC will cover all up-front costs by underwriting the event.  Items to be covered include insurance, web page development, marketing, catering costs, promotional items and printing.
    3. The VRCC will donate ALL PROFITS above costs to the Bakersfield Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  2. We will have a Registration Fee
    1. Pre-Registration fee will be $20 (purchase before the event).  For Pre-Registration the attendee gets a ride packet to include:

                                                              i.        One dinner admission ticket
  ii.       Five raffle tickets for drawings to be held during the event for prizes
iii.     One event commemorative pin
  iv.      Schedule of events and ceremonies during the Rally
 v.     Entrance Fee into the "National Monument" on the Sierra Ride 

  1. On-site Registration will be $25 and includes all the same packet items as above.

                                                              i.     Packet items MAY NOT be purchased separately (except the event pin which will be on sale at     the CAT F6Rider Store).                                                   
ii.     To reiterate, This Event is Totally Non-Profit.  All proceeds from registration above costs will go to the Bakersfield Make-A-Wish    Foundation.  Neither the VRCC nor any other group besides the VRCC vendors shall raise monies at the event; and all monies, after costs, will go to the Bakersfield Make-A-Wish Foundation.   

  1. This is an OPEN EVENT, and ATTENDEES do not have to purchase registration to attend.
    1. ATTENDEES need only purchase registration packet if they so desire.  Non-Registered ATTENDEES can still participate in the Ride-In, join events such as the Ride through the Sierras (but must reimburse the VRCC for the Entrance Fee into the "National Monument" , be at ceremonies and purchase from VRCC vendors.
    2. What non-registered ATTENDEES WILL BE MISSING are the items in the packet (tickets for the Dinner, Raffle Tickets, the Entrance Fee to the "National Monument" on the Sierra Ride & the Event Commemorative Pin).
    3. The Dinner and Raffle tickets cannot be purchased separately (the pin will be on sale at the CAT F6Rider Store).  The Entrance Fee to the "National Monument" must be reimbursed to the VRCC.
  2. Our goal for this Ride is to make fabulous memories, and raise money for the Bakersfield Make-A-Wish Foundation.

  3. This is the Western regional VRCC ride-in that many individuals on the VRCC message board suggested.
  4.       a. We’ve set precedents with the Valkyries in the Valley Yosemite Ride of not having any parties or clubs profit from the charitable rides.  The Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club would like to continue in this manner.
    b. The VRCC did not profit from the first Ride-In in Ohio at Zanesville.  Donations are being made to the Pediatric Brain Foundation with extra monies, after costs, from that event.

    So There You Have It 
    If you like what you see and agree with us, let us know we are headed in the right direction.  If you have some ideas on how we might do things better, don't keep them a secret, tell us (remember though, that this is an all volunteer organization, so be prepared to help us out).  If you think we are way off  base,  be a stand up guy or gal and give
    us the benefit of your opinion.  You always have the option of voting with your feet, but no one gains by that.

    Send The Bakerfield Boys an E-mail.

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