Entertainment Nightly
(any resemblance to members is purely coincidental)

Dazzlin Davey

With his fancy footwork, and the voice of a God, Dazzlin Davey will sing and dance like there is no tomorrow. With elaborate sets and fancy rhinestone attire, women will swoon, men will wonder, and the kids mouths will drop in awe. Listen as he performs his hit, "I left my Valk in San Francisco", or "Lonesome Valk", or "Valk around the clock tonight", or "Jail House Valk", while performing on a Black Interstate Valkyrie with a full orchestra doing the background music for him! Dazzlin Davey's show will have families around the world bedazzled and entertained. Don't miss it!

Performing twice nightly at the StageCoach Inn.


The High Flyin Fahns

Be ready to be thrilled and awed by the High Flyin Fahns on their flying trapeze! Since the show in LeeVining the wife has joined the show. Now they have matching pink waterproof tights and a very polished airborn act to present to you. It seems they perform best in the rain so be prepared for the wet weather during the show. The grand finally is both of them doing a quadruple flip from the trapeze, onto a Valkyrie with the motor running, in the rain. A real heart stopper. Hopefully they remember the rainsuits.

Performed as many times as possible
when raining at the
StageCoach Inn parking lot!



Comedian of the Year - Little Louie

Be prepare to laugh your pants off!
Little Louie has performed his comedy show all over the world in some very meaty places. Hold onto your gut and remember to swallow your food and drink before you laugh.

Sometimes rated XXX - 45 years or older to get into this show!

Performing at undisclosed locations throughout the day


The Lark & Mynn Ballet LaBouje LaShoei

Experience the first ever performance of Ballet LaBouje in Helmets! Examine the grace and beauty of the Shoei helmets worn by the legendary ballet team of Lark & Mynn. After years of practice and toe stubbing, they're ready to perform for the world in
Ballet LaBouje LaShoei!
(performance times not known yet)

(any resemblance to members is purely coincidental)

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