Motor City Madness 2013

Corvettes at the Radisson

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Corvettes at the Radisson

Although we had made pretty good time, we had forgotten that there was another time change from Illinois to Michigan. We thought we had arrived in time for Rob to clean the car before we headed to the Radisson Hotel (where we stayed in 2011 and Corvette Central) from the Holiday Inn Express (COTV Central Glenores, Nagles, and Webers, with drive-bys from the Buotes who stayed with Carole's cousin Lynn and her husband, Jack.) Unfortunately, we only had time to check-in, unload the bags, secure a parking place for Rob next to Tom's in the "garages/carports" at the hotel and take off.

There were several hundred Corvettes on display in the parking lot, most of them much cleaner than ours, and a few vendors. They had a raffle and fifty-fifty going and Galli Sports, who made our custom jackets in 2011 were there with new items. We all wandered around or sat and watched. Rob got up on the roof of the hotel and took the panoramic shots.

After a few hours, the majority of the cars got ready to leave the lot and cruise up and down Woodward Avenue. Leonard and Carole headed "home" and the Glenores and Webers headed back to the HIE to shower and walk to Peabody's across Woodward for dinner.