Motor City Madness 2013


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Friday morning was the start of the serious cruising and we were all prepared. Rob and Daryl took the COTV Moose for a little ride up to Pontiac and stopped at The Moose Preserve restaurant so he could visit some family.

We checked out some of the popular hang-outs like Duggan's.

As you can see, some folks cruise in Maseratis, some in Aston Martins and some in "lesser" vehicles. You just never know what you are going to see!

But you do know that you will see lots and lots of Corvettes, probably the most popular car on the road. And there were a fair number of C-7s driving along as well, so the same rules don't apply about waiting for a car if you are in Detroit.

Dinner was the suggestion of the fantastic front desk team at the HIE. We cannot say enough about Alison and Adriane at the desk and Daren, who was everywhere, helping with computers and car parking. We went to Mitchell's Seafoods, a short walk away. Tom doesn't like fish, so he and Willie missed this one.