Motor City Madness 2013


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Saturday was a major cruise day. Doug had taken his usual 5 mile walk early on and he went back with Rob and Daryl to see a car show he had found on Old Woodward in Birmingham. We filled out surveys to get free t-shirts from Chevrolet, saw 8 Rolls-Royces in a row and more Corvettes than we get in Temecula for our own car show...and this was just a local street show. Rob even found his next car...or one of his next cars! We need a new garage or to win the lottery or something.

The day was spent watching cars (what else!) and then we loaded all the chairs and stuff into Leonard's truck and six of us headed back to Peabody's for dinner. Doug and Carole even had Lobster Mac and Cheese.

Everyone was heading out Sunday morning, except Tom and Willie who were going to visit relatives. They own a home relatively near Detroit and keep a couple of Corvettes there. During the time we were at the HIE, a number of cousins and fraternity brothers dropped by.