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M/C decision-making (CONVOLUTED state-of-mind)

Posted By: Two Ft A.G.L. <>
Date: 12/12/2001 at 23:56:07


Here's how to make a good decision about Winter riding when you're a motorcyclist. In fact I practiced it this Tuesday with great success with the use of very few brain cells.

Step #1)
Decide ahead of time the day you NEED to make the trip (on the bike, of course) to a city up north to pick up the WIDGET (toy) you HAFTA have in MIDDLE of WINTER (yes, it still gets cold in AZ)

Step #2)
On the day of your trip, check the weather online to confirm it will be raining at the lower elevations, snowing and freezing at the higher elevations.

Step #3)
Don cold gear and rainsuit to get home (dry) from work so you can get your supplies to take with you to go up north...where THE weather is most likely to be.

Step #4)
Walk past your 4x truck to pack all the cold weather supplies on your bike.

Step #5)
Think to oneself that the more adventerous way is to take the bike but the more LOGICAL decision would be to TAKE THE TRUCK YOU DUMN-NUT !!

Step #6)
Considering the rain, snow, and below freezin temps (but not all at the same time, ya see), once again affirm to yourself the truck is the right answer.

Step #7) Get on the Valkyrie and Ride.

Please somebody do some 'splain-en to Rikki why his brain operates this way.

The rain only lasted until I got to the other side of town (1hr, same elevation). Just north of town the sky opened up and was beyond Gorgeous. Once up North, clouds and snow-covered Trees and ground invaded each other's territories in the mountains. All while lit in Spectacular Orange by an awesome sunset.......'twas so awesome I had to stop and take a picture. (sorry, I'd post it but it's pic #6 of a 24 roll)

Was below freezing when I left (WITHOUT MY TOY I MIGHT ADDDDDDDDD ) had VERY light snow for about 6 minutes that didn't even come close to covering the ground. Got out of freezing elevations before precipitation was an icing worry and breezed home. Cold I might add.

Step #8:
After returning home without the objecive toy, decide you will have to ride to get it on Saturday after work.

Sheeesh, it never stops. People at work thought I was either lying or Crazy. I wasn't lyin......

Please 'splain to me why my brain operates this way. GAWSH DARN I LOVE IT !! !! !!