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Update - On boy am I in trouble

Posted By: RJ # 173 - SoGH <>
Date: 11/7/2001 at 12:06:16


I left for work at 4:50 AM as usual, mamma was still asleep.

I got home at 11:30 AM, lunch was on the table, now this is a first, well maybe a second.

She asks how my day went and made little chit chat with me, NOTHING, absolutely nothing was said about the Valk.

She left for work, I was going riding again cause it was 72 degrees.

Where the hell are the garage door openers, where are the keys to the bike, the Trike, the Quad, the other off road 3 wheeler. Damn, I must be getting forgetful. Why won't the outside code work on the garage door. Where is the key to the little door? Where is the key to my truck I just parked? Whoa, what's going on.

Just about that time the cell phone rings. I answer it and in a nice sweet little voice I hear this (You ain't going no where, you are grounded, I have all the openers, I have all the keys and I changed the code on the back garage door, so enjoy yourself or take a nap.. Bye, I love you, see you at midnight.........) Then I hear this, you can ride tomorrow when it rains.......

Crap, I'd of rather had an A$$ eatin..... She just shut off my water big time, oh well, I had it coming I guess....... Those that can ride, please, each of you put on 1 extra mile for me OKAY?????

Here I though I was so damn smart.......

Never mess with Mother Nature, or Mother for that matter....... She will gett ya....... LOL...

I was pissed, but right now it is pretty funny.....