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Please...Take This Little Piece of Advice....

Posted By: Varmint <>
Date: 8/10/2001 at 20:58:44


I will be riding the final 400 miles of my journey tomorrow. By the time I put my Valk in the garage I will have ridden about 4500 miles in nine-and-a-half-days.

I just got back from the hustle & bustle of downtown Cripple Creek and I am sitting in my hotel room feeling quite sorry that the journey ends tomorrow. While I'm feeling this way I would like to pass on my feelings. Please read this and THINK about it. Those of you who have done anything like this will most likely agree.

First, let me recap my, trip:

Day 1) Departed Albuquerque, NM on Thurs after work. Rode to Amarillo Texas.

Day 2) Amarillo TX-Clarksville Ark.

Day 3) Clarksville Ark-Knoxville TN.

Day 4) Knoxville TN-New Bern NC

Day 5) New Bern NC-Virginia Beach VA.

Day 6) Virginia Beach VA-Ashland KY

Day 7) Ashland KY-St. Louis MO.

Day 8 ) St. Louis MO-Hays KS

Day 9) Hays KS-Cripple Creek CO

Day 10) Cripple Creek CO-Albuquerque NM

You probably already have a great bike for a trip like this..I did it on my Interstate would probably be better for a haul like this...heck, I even caught myself thinking about the new Goldwings, but any Valk will do.

My advice?? When you have vacation time enough to do it..get on your bike and ride, I mean ride far away. Ride about 400-500 miles a day for a few days. Ride all these miles in the same general direction...get FAR away from home..and then map out a DIFFERENT return trip.

The point is..get out and SEE this GREAT country that we live in. It's BEAUTIFUL!! The people in this country are sooo different, yet similar in sooo many ways. Take your ride. Ride the back roads when you can. Stop at the little gas station and talk to the girl who's working there until she has the opportunity to escape (they always seem to be girls). Ask them how they like living in __________ ____________. They'll ask you "where are you from". When you tell them about your ride they'll wish that they could go with you. Talk to the college student who's waiting the tables at the local eatery. They'll want to sit down and talk with you...alot of times they do!! Count the times you come out of the gas station and see the locals checking out your Valk. I was told in 2 different states "I've seen it on the television but never in person". Count the times that you're passed by some "poor ol' dad" driving a mini van with a load of his lips and he mouths out "you lucky bastard". Laugh when you see him at the next gas station and he offers you his van AND it's contents in trade for your bike.

Discover the respect that you both give AND receive from other bikers you meet under a bridge waiting for the raincloud to pass. They see you riding in the same elements that they are riding in. You ain't trailering (no offense, I know there are many reasons to trailer..that's another issue), you are RIDING that bike in the sun and rain.
While you're at a gas station somewhere in Kansas pouring water over your head you meet a rider heading the way you just came. You tell him that he's about 420 miles away from St. just made it from there in about 8 hours...the weather's been hot but the sun's at his back and he should make good time. You ask him if he's coming from Sturgis and he tells you "no...I left NC last week, I decided to ride to California... Why?? Just so I can SAY that I've done it". Now THAT'S the kind of rider I like to meet!!

Make plans to attend the Ride In at Zanesville next year. I didn't go this year and believe me, I wasn't because of the distance. Don't worry if you think that it's too far...the farther...the better. Do NOT think about how far away it is. The BEST part of GOING to Zanesville will be in GETTING to Zanesville. That's why I feel sorry for the people who live close to Zanesville (IF it stays as the only location year after year, but I digress...that too is another issue).
Get on your Valk and plan it out so that you hit as many states as you can both getting there AND getting back. Plot out things along the way that you've always wanted to see. Get a picture of your Valk at EVERY point of interest you cross.

What I'm saying is...enjoy motorcycling. The short little jaunts around your home are fine but when you REALLY want to live it up....ride away, ride FAR away....Hopefully, I'll meet you on the road.

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