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Warning: Beware of the VRCC Vest's many pockets :C) Embarrass :C) Embarrass :C) Embarrass

Posted By: PIBIT #34
Date: 12/27/2001 at 06:45:30


...I took my VRCC vest into my favorite dry cleaners Christmas Eve to have a zipper fixed and of course I carefully emptied out all the pockets...or at least I thought I I am standing at the counter with this long line up behind me as this elderly female clerk starts to pad down the vest before tagging it...well, much to my surprise she feels this this soft lump in the back of the vest and so she starts to unzip it to give me back whatever it I'm standing there expecting a map or an old pack of cigarettes she slowly pulls out and holds up for everyone to see a well used pair of my underwear that I had stuffed in there after a 14 hour ride to Vicki and Jims party back in October (even I would have been offended and if I had found them)...for what seemed like an eternity we were both speechless...finally, I muttered something like, "Gee, I wonder how they got in there" and stuffed them quickly in my pocket ...after managing to get out a "Merry Christmas" I then had to turn to face the people behind me which was a mix of grossed out expressions or half smiles...this undoubtedly was one of my most embarrassing moments :C) Embarrass
So, be warned, there are many pockets to these vests and it is well worthwhile to go through them ALL every once in awhile, especially if someone else might...
By the way, I am not in the habit of carrying my dirty underwear in my vest...I was going to transfer them to my saddlebags for the ride home but musta got distracted...honest!!
Embarrassed PIBIT #34