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I heard about these posts and that they fell off the message boards on Nov 5th.. I did a search in the Archives and found as many as I could. I'm posting it here cause I think Lamont wrote his feelings well and captured what I have experienced being here in New England with these guys and ladies as they went through the loss of a fellow VRCC member...  oZ

Posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

I must say I have been a little bit bummed out about the deal on the warrantee's. It was my fault that I set it up so that the emails could be accessed by other dealers who would want to capitalize on what we set up here. I got to thinking that folks were here just to get what they can for free, or if another guy was a couple of bucks cheaper they were gone. I had hoped that we had built more that just a parts store here. I had hoped that we built a Brotherhood. When Gale and I started the VRCC we had no intent on having anything other than t-shirts and patches to support the club. We started the VRCC because we thought we could do a good job of it, the parts store just happened. We are glad that not only does it add to the value of the club, but also "most" members have had good experiences with the store. So far Hal has done a great job keeping his prices down, and still staying in business.

But if we take the store out of the picture, what do we have here. We have lots of information on working on the Valkyrie. We have a good way to communicate with other owners around the world. We have so much more than this. We do have a Brotherhood here. When I read the responses to what this other dealer did I knew that folks were into this thing for more than just what good deals or freebies they could get out of the club. They are here because they love each other. I know that this is not a biker thing to say, but it is very evident to me now. You guys really do love each other. How else can we have the message boards fill up everyday with stuff like Dragbars and his ice cream cone pics, or just small talk about how cold the ride was they just went on. Who else would bother to even look at this kind of stuff? I read just about every message on here, everyday. I feel like you are one big family, and I know you do too. 

Never have I seen this kind of love in the VRCC as I have seen with the New England Region of the VRCC. These guys have become a core group. Sometimes it takes a death of a loved one to draw you closer to each other. This was the case with the New England Bro's.   Take some time and read their message board and please read "DC's last ride" on the "In Memory of  DC" page. You will get a better idea of what we have here. I am very moved by what I see in our members. Thank you for making this a great Brotherhood of Riders! 

Posted by Quiet Thunder VRCC # 5473 on Tue - Nov 7 - 1:25pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

I am a person that will not take up a CAUSE just because it's fashionable, I must believe in it. Like POW/MIA's, FREEDOM, the Constitution of the United States, God and Family. I have a POW/MIA patch, and an American flag on my riding coat, I wear a Cross and a Mezuzah around my neck, and keep freedom as a thought in my mind. I joined the VRCC awhile back and recently purchased a VRCC patch and had it stitched onto my back of my riding jacket. Not because of the status, but because of the 'KINSHIP' of the riders of the VALKYRIE! The VRCC club, and it members, along WITH everyone at the store, is what makes the VRCC a brotherhood NOT a club. A big hug??? No, just a handshake and the
knowledge that if I am in trouble, the BROTHERHOOD of the VRCC will be there!


Posted by Dragbars Christian on Mon - Nov 6 - 1:13pm:

Makes me proud to be a member of the same group that DC was in.......


Posted by Valkender on Sun - Nov 5 - 10:29pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

Not only has this club been special to a great many of us and diverse from across the nation, but there is a spirit here that cannot be purchased, sold to, or traded. This club began with a concept that had only good intentions and a purity of heart, and that you cannot tarnish. Stand tall everybody because all of you are part of what everybody wants in this world-LOVE-.Ride safe.

Posted by Carlo on Sun -Nov 5

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:


There is no need for explanation, or justification. What you and Gale have accomplished here is exactly what the owners of the Valkyrie needed! You have managed to provide an environment which has accomplished much more than was previously possible in previous boards and groups (as the memberships numbers show). And, NOBODY can ever state they did NOT get their money's worth from belonging to this VRCC. I have to admit, while the dues of other boards really were not that much for the value received, none of those sites prior to the VRCC were able to accomplish the growth and harmony this site has seen in such a short time. 

From the 1st days you both got your Valks, both you and Gale have shown a genuine love for the bike brand, contributed many. many, tech tips and innovations, and here, at the VRCC, you have provided MANY individuals experiencing this Valkyrie motorcycle, the opportunity to feel part of an organization that is free from some of the politics realized in earlier attempts at organizing the owners. 

The addition of Hal's store, and the $$$$ many of us have saved (not to mention the hassle free, speak right to the source when you call opportunity) would more than offset a membership fee or dues that might be even higher than previous groups we were able to join up with. 

I am proud to be associated with you guys over the past few years. Keep up the good work and value you add to the lives of the VRCC membership! 


Posted by Vicki

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

I feel priviledged to be part of it.Thanks to everyone for being here.



Posted by AB Ranger on Sun - Nov 5 - 7:13pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

Lamont, Oz, and Hal...Kudos, keep doin' what you're doin'. I appreciate it, and the fellowship too. Although a relatively new owner and new rider, I feel a part of the VRCC group without even without having most of you guys (and gals-Vicki and Lois). Thanks, again. VRCC #1671

Posted by AB Ranger on Mon - Nov 6 - 6:01pm:

In Reply to: Re: This club and it's members posted by AB Ranger on Sun - Nov 5 - 7:13pm:

Got choked up and lost my train of thought. Insert "met" between words "having" and "guys".


Posted by Shooter on Sun - Nov 5 - 5:23pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

LaMonster, We are a family. We do greatly appreciate you, Oz and Hal. We will support the VRCC and Hal and those other loyal VRCC vendors. Period.


Posted by Roy Gardiner on Sun - Nov 5 - 4:22pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:


My old uncle used to ride a diabolical old 250cc Velocette, in a cork helmet and a greatcoat in the English winter. So he knew a thing or two about motor cycling, trial and tribulations. He once told me never to forget his(almost)Latin motto : "Illegitemae Bogus Carborundum" He translated it as - "Don't let the bastards grind you down" 

You and Oz have built something really special here that ties together Valkyire owners right around the world, not just in the USA. 

Please keep doing what you're doing, we are all behind you. Roy Gardiner, in cold, rainy England, just cleaning my Interstate and thinking about DC and the VRCC 

Posted by Valkcabbie #1280 on Sun - Nov 5 - 3:20pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

Ah Shaddup and Ride! (sniffle sniffle) Your foggin up my friggen helmet. I think we should buy a whole hog name it Harley, marinate it in a blend of 'oils', suspend it 'progressively' over the pit, sit back on Corbin and Mustang seats, hang Avon Metzler and Dunlop swings for the kiddies and have the first ever VRCC GROUP HOG BBQ at next Summers Big Ride in. PIG OUT!...Ooops! forgot my veggie wife, separate grill for the veggies ok?


Posted by The Rezrunner on Sun - Nov 5 - 3:04pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

We have defined ourselves through Lamonster, OZ, and the VRCC and we are better because of it.

Lamont...well said...this is a brotherhood and well....I have received lots of information from this site and have made intelligent purchases because of the information I have received from our brothers (and sisters (Vicki)) and we will stay the course as one of the best groups I have came to know. 

I don't know if my message is clear, but I wasn't offended and I will continue to support this site, Hal, Chet, and all the others who contribute to the success of the VRCC. 

Now about that Group Hug..... 

Ride Safe Bros!
The Rezrunner 

Posted by Groover #3974 on Sun - Nov 5 - 2:17pm:

In Reply to: This club and it's members posted by LaMonster on Sun - Nov 5 - 11:56am:

HHHHUUUGG, UMMMMMMMMMMM, okay I feel it.Gee that was good! I feel much Groovier now! =:-o) hehe 

Great Post LaMonster! Really! 


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