Thousand Valk March & Dinner at InZane

OZ getting the riders organized in front of the hotel - bikes getting ready at the side of the hotel to join the group

Riders making last minute preparations to join the line - front, back and center.

BV Riders Climb the Hill to get Pictures of the Thousand Valk March (to Dinner)

Valks lined up for the march - Justin from Viking, Karen from F6, Connie/F6Gal, and Gale/OZ - almost ready to go

It takes a long, long time to get 1000 Valks ready to march.....

...and even longer to get the riders ready - right, RJ? - Crash giving directions - more folks joining in...

...looks like we are finally ready to move!!

Last minute details as the Valks arrive - Scott and Lori talking strategy-Psycho and Dave-One-armed Bandit- Gale, Crash and Tim working on the sound system - eager anticipation among the crowd - Dave setting up the raffle gifts

Here come the hungry hordes and Dave and Tim are still working on the raffle.

Pibit came all the way from Toronto for this meal - the roving photographer from the BV takes table shots and Connie gets caught in one of them.

The BV riders didn't get to meet all these good looking folks and catch their names, but we sure wish we had.

More table shots of fellow Valk riders from all over the USA and Canada...

Justin and Andy from Viking with friends and more of the happy crowd...

BV Riders & SoCal Valkyrie Riders swap lies about the day's rides.

SoCal & BV Riders waiting for Dinner to start.

Let the Races Begin!

The rush for the pulled pork sandwiches and accessories.

Raffle prizes and then we meet Amy from our IZ6 local charity.  Can you believe that she is from Zanesville, OH, home of the first three Inzanes? Let's collect some more cash for the charity. RJ wins for the bike with the most miles on it, almost 200,000.

The couple from Alaska won all the mileage awards.

Scott gave away all the prizes for the games and bike show. Tim kept on collecting for the 50/50.

Still lining up to buy tickets. Crash, the best MC. Carl, Tracy and the guys enjoying the fun.

The Official
 Bouvetoya Riding & Drinking Club  
(Formerly Know as the Bouvet Island Drinking Club)
Parade Bike
"One or the Other"

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On the Road back to BV Island

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