Still On the Road to InZane

Bryce Canyon Lodge.

More wide vistas from our last stop in Bryce.

The HooDoos - a natural rock formation.

One more vista. That bike at the entrance to the park. Now onward for more adventures in Utah.

Capitol Reefs National Park.

More Capitol Reefs.

From Capitol Reefs to The Arches National Park.

Spectacular rock formations and cliffs in the Arches.

Balancing Rock and other formations in the Arches.

More of the Arches and that beautiful blue bike.

An actual arch and even more rocks.

This is unbelievable country. Views from the Fiery Furnace outlook.
We don't have anything like it in the BV.

Delicate Arch from various points - including after a 1/2 mile climb in motorcycle boots.

Are you getting tired of seeing all these rocks yet?  Well, we are off to Colorado.

One last rock and on the way to Naturita, CO through the Monti La Sal Mountains.

After we got caught in the hail storm in Redvale, CO, we had to find another route where we only had
a lightning storm to contend with - so much fun when you are riding a big lightning rod!

This was a great road with huge red cliffs and a rushing river, but you can see by the photos that it was raining -
water on the lens.

Two more rain shots. We spent Monday night in Delta, CO to dry off. Tuesday was sunny so we took
the loop around the north rim of Black Canyon. It was fantastic, but cold at 11-12,000 feet.

More of the shots through the Black Canyon.

As we came down from the rim, we got to Blue Mesa Lake which stretched for over 17 miles along the road to Gunnison.

It's the afternoon, so it must be time for more rain and it's Colorado, so there is still snow as well.

At InZane

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