5th Annual

 Across The Channel Or Die Trying 

 Captain Webb Memorial Swim 

 Rules of Competition 

All aspirants must satisfy the BVl Valkyrie Riders Captain Webb Memorial Swim Committee of their competence to make a realistic effort to undertake a successful attempt to swim the Channel. The Biographical Information on the Application Form and Medical Certificate will be closely scrutinized. The decision of the Committee is final; however, bribes in the form or cash and chrome will be given careful consideration.
Solo Swimmers must be aged 16 yrs or older on the day the Swim commences and demonstrate a familiarity with water.  
The Committee shall be empowered to examine critically, and to refuse to accept, if thought necessary, the applications of persons to attempt to swim the Channel - especially when they are over 55 years of age or insist on riding their motorcycle the full distance.  
Relay Teams may consist of two, or three, or four, or five, or six persons, and an unlimited number of farm animals; and will be classified accordingly. Team Members' names shall be given to the Official Observer (shown here) before the actual commencement of the swim. Thereafter, there shall be no substitutions or alteration of classification.  Drowning does not constitute an automatic disqualification; however, all Relay Team Members must reach the shore.   
All Relay Team Members must be aged 12 yrs, or older, on the day the Swim commences and at least 50% of the Team shall be 16 yrs old, or older, on the day the Swim commences (farm animals do not count in satisfying the Team age requirement).  The familiarity with water requirement is waived for Team Members aged 12 yrs to 16 yrs.  

Junior Relay Team Swimmers must be aged 12 yrs, or older, on the day the Swim commences - but under the age of 16 yrs at the completion of the Swim (as we indicated, the last leg is a bitch).


Captain Webb Memorial Swim