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About our club

The NH VRCC is a chapter of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club. There are no dues or meetings.  Our  purpose is to gather and ride on a monthly basis throughout the year and as long as weather will allow.  We are a an equal opportunity club, meaning that we don't care what your race, religion, sex or even what kind of bike you ride.  We welcome anyone who shares our love of motorcycles and the open road. We do not however, welcome any person that does not ride responsibly.

We have over 100 members, a lot of whom are active participants in the rides.  Some are single, some are married, some are younger and others are a bit more "seasoned". There is no stereotypical member of our club, that's why anyone can feel comfortable joining. We are very active with the MA and ME VRCC chapters. 

Come out and ride with us and meet some new friends -you'll  be glad you did!

Ride safe, ride often,

NHVRCC Members