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Welcome to the Quebec VRCC Web Site
This website has been created in order to bring Valkyrie Riders in Quebec closer and also to provide all visitors with information about riding in Quebec.
This sites aim is to pass on information, tips, and help to all its participants in order to permit them to enjoy the full benefit of owning a Valkyrie Power Cruiser.
What is VRCC?

The VRCC or Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club, which is the fastest growing, and largest Valkyrie Rider Club in the world, has over 20,000 registered members since August 1999.

Check links for list of chapters.

VRCC was started because of the need to provide a place where all Valkyrie Riders could band together and share the combined wealth of knowledge about this great motorcycle.

The Club relies on sales of goods, services and support by sponsors for managing operational costs. Membership in the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club is FREE to any individual who rides the Valkyrie or is in the process of obtaining a Valkyrie.

For complete membership information and club guidelines, please visit the national Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club Web site.

For a complete description of the VRCC mission, click here.


Why should I join the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club?
The main reason for joining the VRCC is the great people you will meet in the club. You will find our members friendly and helpful. There is NO political structure here and therefore NO politics. This club is all about the love of the Valkyrie and the people who ride them. What more do we need?
Oh did I forget to mention that it's FREE???
How Do I Join the VRCC?
Click on this link to access the join up form.Then advise us through the suggestion button on the left.
How Do I Update my personal info?
Go to this web page when they need to update your email, etc.
and also advise us through the Contact Us button on the left.
How Do I Create my Own VRCC Card?
Now you can print out your very own VRCC cards to hand to other Valkyrie riders. Put your email and phone # on them if you want. If you have MS Word and some Biz card paper your ready to go! Click here to create your own VRCC business cards with the download template. If you would like original business cards with your state and/or chapter information drop an email to to review details and if there are any costs.
Where Can I See Pics of Other Nice Valks?

Click on Just Pics

Now you have a place where you can spend hours looking at some great pics of some great bikes. VRCC has the worlds largest collection of Valkyrie pics in the world!


Still have questions?
Check out the "Did you know?" page or contact us by
Don't Be a Stranger
Jump in and tell us what's on your mind. If you know of any upcoming events, to let us know. We'll put the information on the web site.
Oh and be sure and stop by the message boards and say hello, and let us know what you think of the new website.