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January 8, 2005 San Antonio

Clear skies, mid seventy temperatures and low road traffic was the gift we received on Saturday as we made our way to San Antonio. Paul(Easygoer), Jonathan (Hurricane), and Dave (Bastedo) were kind enough to join Pat and Mark for some very good Mexican food and excellent conversation.

Mark was slow to pull out the camera and that allowed Jonathan to escape the last minute photos but he was there and we enjoyed his company.

After the food and conversation Paul and Jonathan headed out independently but Dave led Mark and Pat through some back road with hills and twists. Very Nice.

Pancho's Villa Mexican Restaurant
(352) 588-3037
32804 Pennsylvania Ave
San Antonio, FL 33576

On Line Feedback;
Pancho villa himself would have eaten here. Authentic Mexican entrees with good beans and rice. Fajitas were good and tender. Very attentive wait staff.

There are some nice roads from 98, through the orchards, to San Antonio. Here are some directions you might try sometime.

Start at the Hess Service Station 4 miles west of Interstate 75 on Rt.50/98.
From the Hess station:
Go South on Spring Lake 4-5 miles to Hayman rd.
Go right on Hayman 4-5 miles to Culbreath.
Go left (south) on Culbreath (581 S) 2 miles to Bayhead.
Left on Bayhead 3 miles to "T" at Lake Iola Rd.
Go right on Lake Iola Rd. 3-5 mi to town of St Joseph(you cross over 75) to St. Joe Rd.
Go left on St Joe one mile to Curley and go right.
...... OR (Go left on Jessamine to stop sign and come back)
Right on Curley 3 miles to the town of San Antonio city limits.
Right on Pasco Rd to Rt. 54.
Right on Rt. 54 200 yards to interstate 75.