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DeLand April 20

Check out a picture sent in by Wayne and Cristina

17 riders showed up at DeLand for eats, talk and ride.

Dave, Wayne and Cristina on their I/S and Larry and Rosa on their Dream Machine (That's Rosa behind the bike) joined us for the first time. Thanks for coming. We all enjoyed your participation and hope you'll be back.

Rick showed up on a new toy and he is working up the nerve to see if his speedometer works all the way.
It was good to see Fred and Debbie, Robert and Ela as well as Jimmy, Paul and Deborah, Dale and Connie, who hadn't been with us for a few months.

Dave gave us ride directions that lead us through some twisties, canopied roads and peaceful country side. The leader missed the first turn while heading North on 92 so before we got started we did a 5 mile "U". (sorry about that)

I'm going to add the ride to the Roads To Ride section on the website. We ended up at the River under some much needed shade trees.

I'm told some folks want to do something fishy Saturday. DeLand was Rick's suggestion and Robert and Ela came up with the CEDAR RIVER SEAFOOD RESTAURANT.

We arrived sometime around 11 and eat around 12 Noon.

310 East International Speedway Blvd., DeLand, FL 32724
(386) 738-1968

If you have never been to Deland give yourself some time to look around the town. It has some outstanding residential and commercial Architecture. Also there is a park next to the river just south of town.

You also might want to ride to the airport. The last time Pat and I were there they had some Sky Divers doing their thing. Why anyone would jump out of a perfectly good airplane is beyond me but it is neat to see them glide to the earth in their brightly colored parachutes.

It was an enjoyable day.