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A return to Leesburg "bike week" and to Buddy's Bar-B-Q in Wildwood.


Chestnut and Friends check it
out as Pat steps into the picture.

It's tire kicking time in the lot.

Ela, Robert and Rider do some intense looking.

Debbie's face says it all.
"Is this fun or what !"

A 2001 "Fat Valk" * was there too.


And an "under-nourished Valkyrie" *
with those beautiful white wall tires.

Ronnie & Joyce Burmaster's Black Valyrie Trike join us. .

Bill and RedDog (Ray) hash it over.

* - For a Valkyrie lover there is no bike in the world but a Valkyrie.
A Gold Wing is just a "Fat Valkyrie" and a shadow is an under nourished Valkyrie and a Harley is a Valkyrie is a bad cough.
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