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Mid way along the Suwannee in Branford Florida April 6, 2002

I often get this response.

The line up

Kathy's little Valk
Bill and Red's Big Valks

Tom polishing

Iris and Terry
A couple we see to seldom

What's in those Pockets

Debbi,Iris and the Suwannee


My Guide

Here's the plan for Saturday April 6.

Bruce tells me there's a place called the BBQ Grill in Branford, and for his palate, "they do a doggone credible job of pig fixin". Nice restaurant, and it's just up from a park on the Suwannee (no rest rooms at the park, though!).

Pat I plan to show up in Branford around 11:30 and eat about Noon. Then cruise over to check out the park and hopefully the Suwannee. We'd love to have your company.

I can't seem to locate an address for this place but it looks like a small burg so put on your "Columbus Cap" and come exploring with us. I'll post a map on my website but we'll just have to roam the 15 square blocks of Branford and find the place.

No Rain on Saturday; Right...

Ride Safe