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A Riding we did go.
Joe Gillard and John and Barbara Thonton road from Orlando to Ocala to meet Pat and Mark Croft to start the cruise to Ken's BBQ in Lake City.
Neal and Susan Dean joined the ride at Exit 78 heading to meet more riders in High Springs.

Donna and Ned Holland , Mary and Foster , JD and Penny Howell , and Wayne and Louise Howell joined at High Springs.

Wayne led the last leg to Ken's BBQ where Dave Hinds , Red and Sharon , Jim Corley , Richard , Diane Palm , Gary Palm , Rick , Tom , Marsha Franklin , Jill and Gary Gemma , Rob and Cheryl Gardner , Hank Bragg , Chuck and Gillian Breitenbach , Debbie and Fred Zill , Kimberly Growcock , Sara and Robert , Kelli (daughter)and Jeff Kozloski , Joanne Kozloski , "Moe" [Maurice] Corneau" , Jack Gregory , Ed Tyer , and Ray McEwen (son) Eric all kicked tires, ate and had a fun time.

[Please send names corrections to to Mark ]

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