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San Antonio Florida was invaded by 19 riders on Saturday of Aug 10. We had warm temps (not really hot) clear skies, good conversation and lots of nice rides to check out.

It was a demonstration that last minute events can work. The announcement was sent out on Friday evening around 7 PM.

It was good to see and chat with the regulars, the infrequent and the new folks. The beauty of our group is that you do what you want when you want without any criticism. Come when you can. You'll always be welcome.

When you get a chance to ride the back roads around San Antonio take advantage of the opportunity. There are more hills and turns in this area than most anywhere in the state.

Click on the images below to see enlargements.

He who scares his parents (Linda and Steve) when he lays over his ride
That was several weeks back and he is doing fine now.

Crash's Bike
Gab and gawk period
It's all about Debbi.

Some fine rides
We godda eat

Jay and Janise


The groaning bar


The Queen and her jester

For fear of Sharon doing me bodily harm I reluctantly publish this picture.