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Aug 4 Winter Garden and riding the hills around Lake Apopoka.

Directions supplied by Choctaw Willy's Bar-B-Q were the kind that only a determined Valkyrie Rider could exploit to arrive at the right place at the right time. 14 some riders managed to find the place and I apologize to any who searched without success.

For Carla on her 02 Ninja and Angie on her 01 Rebel, this was their first real outing. They showed true grit in the face of rain and have the makings of fine riders.

We ate some pig parts, road two block towards Sugar Loaf Mountain and hit rain.

The Tampa 4, Tony on his Black and Beige Interstate with "Cruz" pin striped bags and trunk, Wallie, who has returned to biking on a 00 Interstate, and Pat and me ultimately arrived at the overlook. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Some folks turned off do to rain and others just had duties to attend to but it was great seeing everyone and admiring the bikes.

Mike returned this week and brought is SO. It was good to meet Marylin and we hope to see them both often.
This was Gary's first time with us on his Blk Standard.

RJ's pumpkin bike is outstanding

Gils road his Yamaha Venture
along side Hank's Blue and Cream with the Givi tour system which looks good with and without the boxes. The trunk is pictured here

Off course it always good to see

Jim and Claudia on their Tourer

Check out the Tampa bunch