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February 9, 12 Noon at Fat Boys BBQ Crystal River

We could not have ordered a nicer day. We had close to 20 bikes but not all of them were there at one time.

Rich solo rode his chrome machine. Red and Bill (on the left) with his yellow wing with pin strips, cruised in together. Randy and Nancy took off a couple hours when they just happened too see us standing on the corner.

Sharon gave us a warm greeting but not until after she fixed her hair. Of course there are those who instead of having hair have a solar panel for a sex machine.

It was a toss up whether Mike or Ray had ridden the longest get there. But Neal, riding from East Orlando, was also a contender. Jerry joined us again and James made it for the first time. Ralph and Marilyn, whom we hadn't seen for months, made it towards the end.

Here is an alternative for scratches on your tank and of course include the side covers.

I know I missed a few folks and bikes but all added to the pleasures of the day.