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Fresh and familiar faces sharing the same joy ~


Fresh Faces with a unique connection.

Dale and Connie arrived at the Honda dealer
shopping for a Valkyrie tire. They left with a 2001 Yellow Wing.

A couple weeks later

Terry and Iris arrived at the Honda dealer searching
for a bike, having ceased riding their Honda 350 several years ago. They left with Dale and Connies Tourer. Today they are friends and for the first, and we hope not the last time, came to Ocala for a Q.

Dick and Pat
bought their Interstate just before the July 7 Q which they road to from Mechanicburg. This week they were back with us having added almost a thousand miles on the bike.
Jerry shared stories of the Honda Hoot in addition to filling us in on the benefits of the 6 degree trigger wheel and his appreciation for "Scott", the mechanic at Hudson Honda.
Bruce, a.k.a. DDT,Long time absent, but always a topic of conversation, made it to the Q after a morning ride in the Ocala National forest. His 26 month old "Ali" has over 100,000 miles.