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Five Gainesville bikes, a group that rides together often, were waiting on us when we arrived at Rt.. 326 and Rt.. 441/301. After a brief meet and greet we headed up 301 to Stark.
At the Rt.. 100 intersection we were joined by Dick, Terry, and Iris.
We all arrived at Rhodes Bar-B-Q

and headed in to prevent starvation.

A couple of our passengers were not allowed in.

The rest of us managed to do very well. The Pig Parts were most acceptable but you might want to pass on the Sea items.

Riders from Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Middleburg, Lake Butler, Gainesville, Ocala and New Smyna Beech were among the mix. All but one rider road over to Lake City Honda after lunch just to see what we might see. A couple more riders headed home and we headed towards Gainesville. The Gainesville riders were gracious hosts. Fred and Debbie, and Pat I headed south. We stopped off in McCanopy and then back to Rt. 326 where we parted company. Pat and I managed to arrive home with just a few drops of water on the bike but Fred and Debbie got caught in serious rain and even hale. Now they are two true bikers.

Ed was having some cupping and a wobble at 120 mph or so when he went to the Hoot. The Metzler Rep advised Ed that the initial specs for Metlzer tire pressure was in error and should have been higher. Check with your rep and see what they say. It worked for Ed. Thanks for letting us know. Ed.

If you are look for parts Gregg recommends . Thanks for giving us a heads up Gregg.

July 21

Rhodes BBQ in Lake Butler
315 N. Lake Ave