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Show and Tell plus Q & A
The group
Neil, Bruce, Ralph, Mike, Jimmy, Karla, Hank, Pat
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First Few Arrive
The first few arrivals
Bruce, Mike, Ralph, Pat, Marilyn
'Gator Bike'
Gator Bike
Karla's Bike
Karlas Bike
Bruce, Karla


A friendly and diverse group of Valkyrie riders gathered on July 22 in Ocala Florida to kick tires, share experiences and cruise the back roads of Marion County . The group consisted of eight bikes and ten people.

1997 through Y2K bikes were represented and no two bikes were identical. One bike was so unique and customized that the owner had been invited to ship and display the bike at a motorcycle rally in Germany, at the rally sponsors expense. In contrast one bike seldom gets washed by anything other than rain. One bike's odometer was pushing 70,000 miles while another had barely past 2000. Paint finishes ranged from Honda's bumble-bee black and yellow, to "extreme" custom airbrush motifs.

The riders of these bikes consisted of young retirees to working folks with many years to go. Their attitudes and interests around motorcycles ranged from the 'fast long distance rider' to the 'local poke along'. With regard to the care and maintenance of the bikes, diversity was evident in these two quotes "I do all my maintenance myself if at all possible", "These hands don't fit a wrench". Though experiences and attitudes about riding were diverse there was uniformity in their spirit to help each other out with answers of 'how do you do that' and "where did you get that.'

Starting with a breakfast at Denny', followed by 'Show and Tell, the gathering was topped off with a ride through the horse country of Marion County and a few twists and turns through the Ocala Forest. Bruce led our parade which started with 7 bikes and concluded with 2. The decline during the ride was do to other commitments that some of the riders had which required them to drop out part way along the route. A good time was had by all.

The common thread that drew such a diverse group together is the love of riding and in this particular case the love of riding a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is in a unique class of it's own. It has the classic lines of the hot-rodding cruiser bike but the comfort of the ride meets or exceeds any tour bike made. It has a 1500cc engine with a motor sound that combines the whisper of a 747 jet and the rumble of a 1960's mussel car Hollywood Glasspack muffler. With its sport look and its touring comfort the Valkyrie has been a hit with many rider types. It has more power than any interstate hiway will allow and it can be set up with more creature comforts and gadgets than any two wheeled toy could ever use.

This group will be meeting from time to time as schedules and opportunities allow. If you would like to be contacted about their next get together send e-mail to Mark. The groups activities will also be posted in the Activities Section of this website.