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We left Ocala for Deland at 8:45 with the sun dead in my eyes. It was one of those riding times when you can only see about half the time and and the only reason you can see the other half is because you are holding your hand out towards the horizon to block the sun.

Once we and the sun got out vecors synchronized it was a nice ride. The temperature was fine and the humidity was in the reasonable range. We traveled Route 42 with it curves and hill and beautiful rural scenery of farm houses, horse farms, pastures and woodlands.

We stopped by Brians Bar-B-Q around 10 AM, just to make sure it hadn't burned down or something worse, and we headed to "Smooth's place in DeLand. After an brief meet and greet we checked out Smooths ride.With his mechanic experience and love of bikes he has turned his Valkyrie (#56 sold in the USA) into a true customized machine. More about that later. Connielee and Lee

While Smooth and Connielee got ready for the lunch thing at Brian's Pat and I went to see people jump out of perfectly good airplanes. I can't understand why people would do such a thing but it is cool to watch them do it. I guess we saw 20 plus skydivers land in the 30 minutes we were there.

Debbie and Fred said they would be at Brian's at 11:30 so we headed to the pig part parking lot. We were a bit behind time so several riders and bikes had already arrived. Gary and Diane, Marsha, had ridden down from Jacksonville together. Vince and Fran, Mike and Ron were pulled up undr a shade tree having a good time. Jack, Linda and Harvey, Lee (a.k.a. smooth) and Connie Lee rolled in after we arrived.

After some tire kicking we headed in for pig parts and cool drinks. Richard made it though his better half had other obligations.

After stuffing ourselves and doing a lot of laughing we all, make that most, headed over to Chris Cruz's bike shop and saw some of his handy work.

From there we began to dispurse one cross road at a time until only three bikes were left and they stopped at Fran and Vince's Week-end home.

With the bug biting the ladies it was decided to head to the beach, Daytona that is. Vince lead us through some really isolated country side right into the heart of Ormond Beach. Shortly afterwards Pat and I turned off to see the ocean leaving the other two merrily riding the roads.

Brian's is located on the HWY. 17 Bypass around the west side of Deland. This road is also know as C.R. 15S, and as Spring Garden Avenue. Brian's address is actually 795 N. Spring Garden Ave. (904) 736-8851