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There were 35 folks and 29 bike (I think) at the Leesburg July 7 combination Ride-In, Q, birthday celebration and Valkyrie Central 1 year anniversary event.
The award for "he who came the furthest" goes to BchBum and Steve reporting a 526 mile round
trip but Woody, 386 miles deserves honorable mention along with TJ
with unreported miles but a known address of Okeechobee.
Debbie of the team,
Debbie and Fred
decorated their trike
with balloons.

Debbie also added a little color to TJ's bike. TJ was not so thrilled with Debbie's adorning efforts but many of us were duly impressed with the scoop tail lights TJ had recently added.

The lady of honor, my own dearly beloved Pat

appreciated the kind words and spirit of celebration on her special day.
The group started small

and grew until the room was full even after some early departures by riders on the go
Inside the restaurant couples, singles, and gangs feed their faces, shared war stories and, (I am sure) told a few lies.

The rides were mostly Valkyrie but there were crutch rockets, his
and hers
a Pacific Coast and a couple twins.
The 4 Musketeers

rode Valkyries except for the fourth man. I think they are working on him.
Upon exiting the gathering an attempt to digitally shoot each ride was made but a few slipped out "un=shot". Perhaps next time the timing and aim will be better.

And In the end only a few remained. They hovered near a tree for reason I shall leave to the imagination