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The Great Florida Q Quest June 2, 2001
(Q as in Bar-B-Que)
Under the Shade trees just south of Ocala, good Q and good conversation was had by those who made it to Sonny's BBQ Saturday. 2 I/S, an I/S trike and standard arrive and shared space with a Wing and a bandit

Gina ~ Debbie ~ Pat rain gear.

Bill, George, Ken's back, Gina, Debbie, Pat. Jimmy missed picture time

Bills new lights plus a close up
MapBlast and MapQuest had Sonny's incorrectly located

It has been brought to my attention that and show Sonny's as being on the West side of I-75 . (1794 SW Hwy 484) 245-5595 Just to make sure I wasn't loosing it I called Sonny's and the manager confirmed that they were just east of exit 67 off I-75. Both Mapping services are wrong. That's the first time I think I have known them to be wrong so I will continue to check them but it is just a tad disappointing. I have to much faith in the dot coms of the world. Ride safe mark
How about a two hour ride from Tampa, Orlando and Daytona. That's a nice mornings undertaking don't you think. That would put you just south of Ocala at a Sonny's Bar-B-Q under shade trees with lots of parking.

For those who prefer the super slab just get off of I-75 at Exit 67 and go East about a half mile. Sonny's is on the south (right) side of 484. Lets shoot to be there about 11 and eat at noon. That should give us time to check out the latest bike modifications and get the updates.

If you're coming out of Tampa and want a more scenic route take Hwy 41 North. Pick up Hwy 200 at Hernando. At 484 take a right and go about 7 miles East. You will miss the construction on 200 but will hit some construction at the 484 and I-75 cloverleaf. Go under I-75 and Sonny's will be on the south (right) side of the street about 1/2 mile past I-75
An alternative to taking 41 would be to take 301 to Route 42 and head west on route 42. When you get to the 475A junction take 475A and that will bring you out just east of Sonny's. Turn West (left) on 484 and you will see your destination point.

If you're coming out of Daytona you can shoot across Route 40 through the National Forest. At Ocala take either 301 down to 484 or get on I-75 and go south to 484, exit 67.
Another possibility for Daytona area folks is a nice little double lane back road known as Route 42. It skirts the south edge of the forest through rural country side. When you get to the junction of 475A roll it until you get to 484 and go about a 1/2 mile West on 484.

Orlando folks could take 441 or 27 North out of Orlando. 441 and 27 will merge into one road and intersect 42 first or ride further north and intersect with 484. IF you take the 484 route you will ride straight to Sonny's. If you take the Route 42 junction then pick up 475A and head up to 484 where you will head West about a half mile to Sonny's.

Jacksonville folks have the I-10 to I-75 Slab if they want or they can come down 301. Just watch those speed traps on 301 from Stark through Hawthorn. Just stay at the posted speed and you will be ok. At Ocala you could pick up the I-75 Slab and take exit 67 onto 484 headed East. Or you could continue on 301 and take 484 West at Bellview.

There are of course modification possibilities for all these routes but a couple hours should bring us all together. Jacksonville folks would be wise to allow an additional 30 to 45 minutes to make the trip.

Sorry about having to change things but I just don't think Mt Dora would be wise this time. We will do Mt Dora at some point because it is a neat little town.