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Beautiful Valkyrie bikes along with their riders and passengers gathered March 17 at Choctaw Willy's Bar-B-Que in Groveland Florida for a memorable day.

In addition to good Q, friendships were initiated and strengthened, ideas for bike modifications were shared, and a serendipitous country ride led by Jimmy Miller was enjoyed by some great folks who rode their "machines of the decade", THE VALKYRIE.

The little riders get supervision from Pat
Different Angle when clicked

A chance encounter with a family dinning at Willy's lead to the joy of giving 2 kids a thrill.

Chris's Bike
An alternative to a front light bar is what Chris did with some J.C. Whitney equipment. Details on this will be put in the How To section. (+ -)soon, I hope.

The high priest of Q, Bruce, (a.k.a. DDT ), converses with Jerry, a seasoned adherent.


Our days activities were richly enhanced by Jimmy leading the group to a great overlook of Lake Apopka. Mimi is Jimmmys wife.


The cameraman (whose name I refuse to reveal on the grounds it would incriminate me )
had the camera set for black and white. (Dhaaaa)

It's a 1940's postcard. That's what a lesser photographer would tell you
Mike - TJ - Bruce - Pat - John - Geneva - ? - Mimi - Jimmy - A Visitor -

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Randy, Rick, Richard, Chris
and of course we feasted

- Bob - Randy - Bonnie - Chris - John -

- Claudia - Mimi - Jerry - Mike - Pat - Tom - Bob - TJ - Randy -

- Jerry - Tom ----------------------- Pat - Jim - Carla - Mike - Geneva - John -