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Florida Valkyrie Riders +
March 24, 2001 Central Florida Gathering

To Quote Pat
"It's a hard life but somebody's got to live it."


Robert, Ela, Vince, Nancy, Bill, Jimmy, Mark and Pat Volunteered.

View of Lake Minneola.



Robert and Ela
Bill and Pat
Nancy and Vince

It started with a "Friendly's" meeting in Eustis. A little introducing and tire kicking developed into Bill suggesting a ride to Minneola. Bill was proclaimed ride leader and started our excursion. About a third of the way there Jimmy became the leader. About halfway there Robert and Ela got caught at a light, so mark dropped back to serve as a connecting dot between Robert's vision and the lead group. Finally the cars turned off and the gang was together again just in time to see Bill and Jimmy switch leader position again. It was a merry ride with all arriving safe and sound and together. What more can one ask for.

The weather was absolutely terrific and the surroundings of the outdoor Grill was relaxing and fascinating. The lake had skiers, sail boats, motor boats and two airplanes. Yep two Pontoon planes, one departing and one arriving, served as part of the floor show. Thanks for the suggestion Bill.

We'll do it again sometime.