valkyrie central

May 26, 2001

Saturday morning, Leesburg Honda saw the arrival of several Valyries ready to share and learn about the great bike we ride. We took a little cruise to the Chrome Shop and then desiened on the Stake and Shake. Two riders, Mike, riding for 3 weeks and Neil on his BumbleBee, were there for their first encounter with the Valkyrie Central Riders.

When you visit the Chrome Shop you will find all kinds of lights, Nut caps, bolts, reflectors, "chrome contact paper", sheets of chrome, edging, dodads and thing-a-majigs". They have every other chrome things you can think of and it is wall to wall and floor to ceiling. The prices were reasonable, at least Bill thought so when he picked up some light covers.

At the Chrome Shop Pat found a good deal on tires. They just wouldn't fit anyone's Valkyrie. .......... gang discussed several options

Neil ~ Jonathan ~ Rich ~ Sharon ~ Bill ~ Jimmy

Hurricanes NEW Scooter and Rich's tour behind

Jack's fuzzy seat
Tom's I/S, Neil's BumbleBee, Marks Red/Blk

Jimmy's Red /White and Red's I/S behind